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Dee is senTIVE!!!!1

I slipped and fell on my Katana playing Dance Dance Revolution

Amanda Orozco
30 April 1988
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  • Then Dee Said
Hi. I'm Amanda. But you can just call me Dee.
I'm 21 years old.
I'm half Mexican, half Swedish.
I work at Starbucks.
I've been obsessed with a cartoon made for children since I was 16 called; Yu-Gi-Oh!
I think Seto Kaiba is the best thing since sliced bread. Sue me.
I love playing Dance Dance Revolution.
I really like the video game Phoenix Wright.
I'm obsessed with zombies. Making Resident Evil teh sex.
I've been playing Silent Hill and Metal Gear since I was 10. And still lovin' em.
I love music.
The Smiths, The Mars Volta, Radiohead, Daft Punk, and Vidoll are my favorite bands.

They are connected. That's why~

Yugioh is DDR Love

Leon S. Kennedy is one Sexy Motherfucker

rated as Dee Vasquez @ gyakusai_rating

i look like lust @ fma_mirror

80's music, a static lullaby, ami suzuki, andre 3000, angelina jolie, anime, aquateen hunger force, aria giovanni, at the drive-in, atom and his package, ayumi hamasaki, baiser, billy idol, björk, bloc party, brokeback mountain, cali=gari, capoeira, cedric bixler, chappelles show, classic movies, classical music, coheed and cambria, collective soul, comedy, comics, cookie monster, cowboy bebop, criminal justice, cursive, da pump, daft punk, dance dance revolution, daron malakian, death note, devil may cry, dir en grey, dragonball z, duel jewel, duran duran, dué le quartz, enya, eve of destiny, family guy, fantastic four, feng shui, final fantasy, fortune cookies, fugazi, full metal alchemist, gackt, gone with the wind, gravitation, hamtaro, hellsing, homestar runner, initial d, interstella 5555, inuyasha, invader zim, israel, j-rock, japan, jazz, jhonen vasquez, john dolmayan, kagrra, kylie minogue, l'arc~en~ciel, la'mule, lareine, lenny kravitz, lucifer luscious violenoue, luna sea, madonna, malice mizer, metal gear solid, mexico, mindless self indulgence, mission hill, miyavi, moi dix mois, mucc, nietzche, nightmare, nirvana, noir, omar rodriguez, outkast, parasite eve, philosophy, phoenix wright, photography, plastic tree, pleur, pocky, pretty girls make graves, psycho le cemu, puppyshipping, radiohead, resident evil, role play games, ronin warriors, sarah mclachlan, saves the day, sealab 2021, seto kaiba, seto/jou, shadow of destiny, silent hill, silver ash, snow, south park, spice girls, spider-man, star wars, starbucks, sweden, system of a down, taco bell, techno, the big o, the cranberries, the dead milkmen, the ditty bops, the juliana theory, the knife, the mars volta, the sims, the smiths, the sounds, thom yorke, thrice, thrift stores, tom green, trigun, vampire hunter d, vegetarianism, video games, vidoll, vinett, visual kei, weebl and bob, writing, x-men, xenogears, yu-gi-oh!, zao, zgoq, zombies